We take pride in what we do, and we don't leave until you can take pride in what you have.

A great home renovation begins with thoughtful design. It ends with awe, joy, and a reverie fulfilled. We're a team of dedicated and talented designers and craftsmen who are here to help you design and build beautiful kitchens, stunning bathrooms and accessible spaces. Our passion is to expertly craft kitchens to melt hearts and bring families together. Our bathrooms are thoughtfully designed and feature breath-taking fixtures and finishes. Our accessible designs are made-to-order and representative of the owner's specific needs and desires.

LindenCraft's Design Team: Your Accessible Kitchen and Bath Remodel Experts

Having restricted mobility should never mean settling for less in your renovation dreams. It's hard to find professional, quality service to get your kitchen or bathroom (or both) to a point of ease for your specific needs.

LindenCraft has a solution: a team of caring, invested individuals who not only want to give you the kitchen or bathroom you want, but deserve, to make your life more fulfilling.

We work very closely with quality affiliates to provide everything from sturdy grab bars (with reinforced walls) to comfy in-shower seats. We focus on sturdy, functional, and high quality. Our list of options for mobility impaired clients is trusted and heavily researched, and we're always ready to come up with new ideas that keep your accessible bathroom or kitchen comfortable, stylish, and easy to navigate.


LindenCraft – Your Experts for
Ottawa Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Accessible Designs

Already have an idea of what your renovation should look like? We want to know more! Use this remodel planner to give us a bit of information on what it will take to make your remodel dreams happen. We’ll give you a call and combine our powers to make a renovation so great you could see it from space. It’s simple and quick (and kinda fun). Click an option below to get started:


What makes your kitchen tick? Give us some information so we know the size, the layout, and your goals for your kitchen remodel. We’ll get back to you in no time with our thoughts.


Your current bathroom is the foundation to build your new bathroom renovation. Give us a few details on the style, size, and your goals for your remodel. We’ll get back to you faster than you can blink!


What is the style, the layout, and the size of your current basement - and what are your renovation goals? We’ll get back to you and get the ball rolling - your renovation dreams are ours, after all.

LindenCraft's Easy Professionalism Will Inspire You

We take tremendous pride in being professionals from the first handshake to the last. LindenCraft's credibility is as important to us as our professionalism, our remarkable eye for winning designs, and our utmost concern for turning your dream into a vivid reality. Consider us an open book: transparency, authenticity and quality are what we live by.

There's so much more to LindenCraft than we can fit on one page. Feel free to browse our site, or jump straight in with a visit to our Remodel Planner to get your creative juices flowing.

We're ready to make your home a haven. Are you? Contact us today to get a free consultation!


Custom Kitchens

The kitchen is where the energy of your home comes together. We create custom and semi-custom kitchens that include vivid cabinetry, alluring colors and personal touches.

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Custom Bathrooms

Our bathrooms represent the personality and lifestyle of our renovation clients. We create bathrooms that include custom options, wonderful additions, and accessible features for the utmost comfort.

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Custom Basements

A finished basement can make a world of difference in a home. Our focus is on storage, design that is both functional and stylish, and maximizing space.

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Accessibility With Style

Never choose between style and function - you deserve both. We create groundbreaking accessible designs for Ottawa citizens that need a little extra help from their home.

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Crediblity, The Right Way

We take our ethics seriously. LindenCraft is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and a member of the National Association of the Remodeling.

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We are with you before, during, and after your renovation. We guarantee care and concern for your remodel for five years after its completion. Count on us and we will be there!

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We stand by Our Credibility


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