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Someone has to bring home the bacon! We hire enthusiastic personalities that love design and understand how to create a buzz.

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The Modern Mobility Bathroom Blurb in Ottawa

For many people that face mobility issues, ease is not something they’re used to, even in their own home. When ease is available, it’s usually accompanied by bad design that creates an institutional atmosphere. Who wants to feel like they live in a care facility in their own space?

At LindenCraft, we take pride in turning ease, functionality, and accessibility into a beautiful thing - literally. We use quality materials that stick out as both stylish and helpful, and we listen when our clients voice their concerns.

Our Modern Mobility bathroom renovation was made with constant input from our lively retired clients. A future full of beautiful functionality and comfortable ease was heavy on their design list - how could they make a home that fit current and upcoming challenges? The caring, creative team at LindenCraft devoted time and knowledge to the project to create a beautiful bathroom that will last (and serve) for years to come.

The features of this bathroom just go on and on. The storage-friendly vanity is equipped with easy to use faucets that are Arthritis safe in case gripping becomes difficult. It’s more furniture than vanity - we even custom-painted an old oak medicine cabinet door to match the molding of the mirror.

The shower is a world of its own! With his and her shower controllers, the couple can enjoy their own accommodations and settings without needless physical stress. ‘His’ side can be used in a sitting or standing position thanks to an attractive shower seat made from stainless steel and Ipe hardwood, giving a comfortable yet sleek look to the shower interior. We installed a center swing door to allow for safe exiting or entry in case of emergency. The bathroom’s swing door has been converted to a pocket door for more open access, and an abundance of safety, around the shower area. For added beauty and functionality we use our signature shower niches to house soap and shampoo.

The grab bars create an interesting question - are they grab bars or carefully crafted accents to keep the modern mood of the bathroom flowing? They’re both, actually, and their sturdiness is unmatched.

In the end, with the help of our combined heads, we were greeted with a graceful beauty that is accessible, easy to clean and fun. We love projects that truly matter - and we make sure that whatever we touch is treated with vigorous care and careful urgency.

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Other notable features include

01Vanity and Vanity Mirror: Smithfield Collection from Fairmont Designs

02Grab Bars, Shower Seat, Toilet Roll Holder, Towel bar all from Invisia

03Exhaust fan with Humidity Sensor from Nutone

04Shower Doors: Platinum Inline Panel center pivot door from Fleurco

05Vanity Faucet: Poydras from Luxart

06Shower Faucet and Hand Shower: Zendo from Riobel

07Hand Shower, Zendo from Riobel

08Toilet: Avalanche with Concealed Trapway - ADA compliant - from Gerber

09Shower Niche: Redi Niche from Tile Redi

10Flooring: Easy Living Rich Grey Onyx from Tarkett

11Wall tile: International 8x16 White Matte from Centura

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Our designers make the most of every space, coming up with innovative ideas that are tailored to our clients. Charm and enthusiasm are appreciated!

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Admin Admin

Administrative work is the backbone of any business. We keep the schedules right, the paperwork done, and the phones from ringing into oblivion. Our office staff enjoys a five day work week.

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Construction Construction

Our construction team handles the meat and potatoes of the job. We hire responsible, dedicated workers with a knack for respect and punctuality. Enjoy a four day work week on the construction team.

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