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Latest from LindenCraft Sun, 26 Apr 2015 19:21:42 GMT FeedCreator 1.8.0-dev ( The Fresh Take Kitchen

The Fresh Take Kitchen in Ottawa

There are times when the city is just too much. When the craving for suburban life hits, dragging you far from the noise and bustle of downtown life, the best place to turn is an old house. Our clients, a couple with a shared love for dogs, decided a nice 1950’s bungalow was perfect for them. Before moving in, they knew their kitchen was tired and needed immediate attention. Face with a kitchen that had very little counter space or even space to walk, the couple, and their dog decided it was time to take action sooner than later. Unfortunately, they’d been burned before by other renovators and were very careful who they worked with. After a friend eagerly recommended LindenCraft, they decided on us to provide them with thoughtful design paired with quality every step of the way.

In 2014, we were tasked with taking their old kitchen and turning it into a modern delight. The sturdy bungalow was built to last, but the mid 1980’s kitchen makeover wasn’t as fortunate. The kitchen had potential. While there was little usable space or counter space to utilize, we decided to use our design skills to modernize the space we had to work with instead of knocking down walls. In the end, we were able to create a captivating kitchen well within their planned renovation budget.

Using Waterford Quartz counters from Cambria, we created an abundance of attractive counter space. We revived the kitchen with IKEA Lidingo white kitchen cabinetry. Storage and usable space would never be a problem for them again. Using Cemento Dark Grey floor tile we were able to tie together the colour scheme. While the stainless steel of the Allora from Delta complimented the dark counters, the gorgeous lights cast a modern glow and created a beautiful centerpiece for the renovation.

LindenCraft was able to provide a modern transformation that will impress guests, family, and even the dog for ages. Our clients put their already shattered trust in our hands, and we were able to mend it with delivered promises and a delightful result.

Other notable features include

01Kitchen Cabinetry: IKEA Lidingo kitchen cabinetry. Note as of February 2, 2015 The IKEA Akurum series of cabinets is no longer available for sale. The IKEA Sektion cabinetry has now taken its place

02Kitchen Counter: Waterford quartz counters from Cambria

03Kitchen faucet: Allora from Delta

04Kitchen Sink: QSUA 1820/8 Single bowl Kitchen sink form Kindred

05Floor tile: Cemento Dark Grey 12x24 from Centura

06Backsplash tile: Incepa 3x6 Bright white subway tile from Centura

07Lighting: Amelia 3 light semi flush ceiling light from Canarm

08Pendant lighting: Amelia from Canarm

]]> (Linden Craft) Mon, 13 Apr 2015 12:53:41 GMT Sanctuary Bathroom

The Sanctuary Bathroom in Ottawa

Every person deserves their own sanctuary. It can be hard to slip away to your own little haven, especially as a responsible adult. A sanctuary is a place of refuge, a place of understanding and a place to rest. We wanted to bring our client a place like no other where she could simply let go of her troubles and enjoy her surroundings in peace.

This bathroom is a picture of both beauty and serenity. We used Campo Versus Ivory tiling from Centura to transform the floor into an experience. The quiet tone of the bathroom promotes soothing relaxation and calm. The Ella Sleek freestanding tub from Maax is a wonder all on its own, taking the bather into a completely different world. To add to the effect, a glimpse into the outside world provides either ample sunlight or moonlight, depending on the client’s mood.

As with all our projects, we were careful to mold the bathroom around our client to provide the ultimate satisfaction. While The Sanctuary Bathroom is small in size, it is big in style, lighting, storage, and design. It’s a bathroom that will last through the ages with grace, rendering our client stress-free the minute she opens the door, every time.

Other notable features include

01Floor Tile: Campo Versus Ivory from Centura

02Wall Tile: Mali-Kidal Grespania 12x24 Mali Antracita from Centura

03Wall Accent: Campo Versus Ivory Mosaic (2x2) from Centura

04Freestanding Tub: Ella Sleek from Maax

05Tub, Shower and Lavatory Faucets: Bellino from Kalia

06Shower Door: Rollax from Kalia

07Toilet: Boulevard from American Standard

08Vanity Lighting: Pianella from Eglo

09Ceiling Lighting: Moondust from DVI Lighting

10Vanity: Godmorgon from IKEA

]]> (Linden Craft) Fri, 03 Apr 2015 09:01:55 GMT
Fun and Friendly Bathroom

The Fun and Friendly Bathroom in Ottawa

There is nothing more fulfilling than a fun and art-loving bath for an equally fun couple. The limits of design, what little there are, fall by the wayside and you’re able to ask the important questions: What’s a bath without a nice glass of wine? What’s an afternoon without the calm of art and music?

LindenCraft set out to give a brilliant and artistic couple in Kanata the bathroom they deserved. When it’s time for a new bathroom, it’s time for a new bathroom, and their old master bath was tired and worn out. The shower was cramped, leaving no room for leisurely activities (such as a bit of wine or a carefree dance session). There was also the bigger problem: their 1980’s builder grade ensuite was just plain old. Our fun and friendly bathroom was made to order, liberating our clients from a dated, cramped bathroom that just didn’t fit.

A design with fun in mind should cater to the whims of both natural and man-made beauty. The lighting comes from two large, gracefully placed windows and ample wall and ceiling fixtures. We installed a shower that was roomy enough for any air-guitar session. The Festival Soaker Tub from Crane is stunning with an Addison faucet from Delta (this faucet is also prominent in the shower). The backsplash accent to the soaker tub makes for genuine design bordering each bath. For maximum storage, we customed IKEA Ramsjo kitchen cabinetry to fit the personality of The Fun and Friendly bath.

LindenCraft’s mission didn’t end with beautiful lighting and ample storage. We used the Canterbury countertop by Cambria for the vanity, which is styled to brighten even the dullest of mornings.

What we ended up with was a beautiful bathroom fit for lots of laughs, long reading sessions and primping like never before. It’s amazing the possibilities that arise with a well-designed bathroom!

Other notable features include

01Vanity: IKEA Ramsjo kitchen cabinetry modified for use in a bathroom (Note as of February 2, 2015 The IKEA AKURUM series of cabinets is no longer available for sale. The IKEA SEKTION cabinetry has now taken its place):

02Vanity Counter: Canterbury from Cambria

03Vanity faucet: Addison from Delta

04Shower doors: Rollax sliding doors from Kalia: Shower faucet and hand shower, soaker tub faucet: Addison from Delta

05Soaker tub: Festival soaker tub from Crane

06Toilets: American standard studio-Tub- Maax

07Shower niche: Redi Niche from Tile Red

08Wall and floor tile: Campo 12x24 Stark Beige SKBE 1224 from Centura

09Accent tile: Glass/Metal Brown Random Black Mosaic MT175001 from Centura

10Lighting: Spectra vanity light from Feiss

11Towel bar and robe hooks: Centura Onix Zendo series from Riobel

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Baker’s Kitchen

The Baker’s Kitchen in Ottawa

Anyone with back pain can tell you that it’s absolutely no laughing matter. Back pain can turn ugly fast; something as simple as a hard, harsh surface can send a mild throb hurling toward the agonizing cramps category. LindenCraft was dealing with just that when a soon-to-be-empty-nest couple returned to Ottawa after being living elsewhere. Their kitchen was just not suitable for the wife’s back pain.

The narrow kitchen also lacked a key ingredient in any cook’s kitchen: counter space. We set out to provide both ultimate comfort for her pained back and unlimited joy through beautiful décor and efficient counter space. LindenCraft was paired with both a happy client and the amazing taste of cookies prepared with love!

As with all of our projects, we took special care to meet the client’s personal needs as well as provide amazing décor and take advantage of the space provided. The 1980’s builder grade galley type kitchen received the best of remodels, including a durable (but soft) soft cork two toned floor. We were as impressed with the client’s hospitality as she was with our work. There’s nothing better than getting treated to breakfast before a productive day of remodeling!

Other notable features include

01Cabinetry- Raised panel IKEA Lidingo white

02Sink- Blanco Stellar- Faucet- Delta Cassidy single handle kitchen faucet

03Flooring- Jelinek Cork Floor- Harmony white and Select cordoba

04Backsplash- Ceratec- white subway tile for the field and Harmony Andes China Black accent tiles

05Under cabinet lighting – xenon under cabinet lights and puck in- cabinet lights

06Ceiling light – Kitchler semi fluss pendant – Old bronze

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Spa Bathroom (Linden Craft) Tue, 07 Oct 2014 07:12:06 GMT Muse’s Bathroom

The Muse’s Bathroom in Ottawa

There’s a time and a place to settle down. For one of our clients, the world was calling and she had to answer. We met her when she’d finally decided to trade in a world of traveling and create the perfect atmosphere to relish in her memories. It was our task to create a little bit of perfection for her in a bathroom that had lost its appeal after so many years abroad.

In January of 2014, our client decided her 1990’s up and down condo deserved a fresh start. It was her first time back in Ottawa in several years – she was now a transplant from Thailand. Her condo had been rented out to fine tenants but the feeling of familiarity was gone. No matter how great her tenants were, she was left with a condo that felt worn out and old. It wasn’t the same. After numerous warm countries, she was used to being cozy- she needed someplace warm and steady to rest her feet.

The main bathroom was quite the opposite. In fact, the floor was so cold that the chill lasted into the late Summer. LindenCraft was able to give the bathroom a warm feel, siphoning some of her hotter travel destinations into one amazing bathroom and an equally amazing powder room.

While abroad, our client dreamed and fantasized about what her home could turn into once she settled down. She traveled Thailand with Ottawa in mind, mapping out her condo with a dreamer’s flair. LindenCraft was able to help start her journey to make her remodel dreams come true, adding our own special touches to turn dreams of a warm bathroom into a tangible reality.

Using only the best quality products that LindenCraft is known for, we created a warm, fantastic glimpse into her dream home. We hear her feet were never cold again (who needs socks when you have a heated floor)!

Other notable features include

01Cabinetry- IKEA Godmorgen vanities- very spacious, a good value and has an integrated porcelain sink

02Faucet- Delta Vero lavatory faucet - Main bath

03Faucet- Moen 90 degree lavatory faucet - Powder room

04Shower faucet- Delta Vero-Shower hand shower and bar- American Standard Topaz

05Toilets- American standard studio-Tub- Maax Exhibit tub

06Exhaust fans – Broan QT series quiet exhaust fan main bathroom had integral humidity sensor feature

07Shower rod- Moen double curve

08Towel bar and toilet roll holder- Delta Arzo collection

09Flooring - bathroom floor and walls- Centura- Tides- sea salt field 12 x 24 field tiles

10Wall tile accent- Centura Onix 12 x 18 OpaloMenta 1x1 tiles

11Flooring- powder room – Centura Campo 18x18 Dune beige-In floor radiant heat- Ditraheat

12Lighting sconce-Pendant – Kichler Reynes

]]> (Linden Craft) Thu, 09 Oct 2014 12:52:05 GMT
Serene Bathroom

The Serene Bathroom in Ottawa

In Fall of 2013, we were tasked with solving the case of the missing ingredient. A former client (the recipient of The Efficient Kitchen) referred a mother who would be returning to school to us. In the suburb of Barrhaven, her small family (completed by a husband and two children) was stuck with an old, worn out bathroom.

As the only full bathroom in the house, it had big shoes to fill. Unfortunately, it happened to be missing a key ingredient for ultimate relaxation:

A soaker tub.

Any mother of small children will tell you that motherhood is a joy. It’s a workout without the gym and a practice in remembering (you never realize how long ago grade school was until you struggle to help a pre-schooler with their math homework). She will also tell you that, to survive those times where there’s more stress than joy, you need somewhere to get away from it all.

LindenCraft was tasked with renovating this bathroom’s socks off and turning it into something the family could be proud of. It needed to be a place where the family could share the space and have room to relax. The two piece powder room on the second floor was far from enough. This meant a full gut and redo on the 30 year old bathroom that we were happy to perform. By the end, the family was left with a gorgeous display of serenity, a space, and a soaker tub to guarantee relaxation (or a place to hide from math homework).

Other notable features include

01Tub- Maax Skyline

02Toilet- American Standard Studio

03Vanity- IKEA Hemnes 2 drawer with Vitviken sink

04Vanity faucet- Delta Lahara

05Tub faucet- Delta in2uition

06Niche- Curtain rod- Moen Double curve

07Exhaust fan Nutone qt - series

08 Floor tiles – Centura Pamesa 12x24 in Gante Marengo

09Wall tile Centura- Cinca 10x22 Mandalay grey wall tile and Pamesa 2x2 Gante Malla Mosaic accent tile

]]> (Linden Craft) Thu, 09 Oct 2014 12:47:41 GMT
Suave Ktichen

The Suave Kitchen in Ottawa

What’s worse than an empty nest: An empty nest that doesn’t represent your house hold anymore.

In March of 2014, we were tasked with creating a new atmosphere for a couple who recently sent their kids off to adulthood. Of course, with new freedom comes a new opportunity to throw amazing parties. The couple had always wanted an open concept kitchen where they could comfortably engage and entertain their friends, show off new recipes and really relax. Their pool had new space for cozy nights with friends and neighbors and they wanted to be sure that they could tie in all the fun with a kitchen island. Where else would they put the buffet?

The house, a four bedroom single family home, was situated on a beautiful lot in a newer part of Barrhaven. A bay window can do a lot for atmosphere, but it certainly wasn’t enough. We knew we had to design a kitchen that was both fun and inviting if they were going to shake away the empty nest blues and get back to having a good time.

If it’s one thing that LindenCraft is known for, it’s detail. We’re not satisfied with a reno until all accents, trim, and lighting have been perfectly assembled and designed. So it was with great pleasure that we discovered that the couple appreciated attention to detail as much as we did! No matter how picky the couple became, we were able to match their fervor and find what they wanted.

With the beauty of red-brown IKEA Ramsjo cabinetry and the subtle wonder of harmony brown Jelenek Cork Flooring, we made sure this 1980’s vintage kitchen would see many years of entertaining and relaxing. And the bay window definitely came in handy when it came to tying everything together!

Other notable features include

01Cabinetry- IKEA Ramsjo red brown

02Counters- Cambria quartz- Bradshaw

03Sink- Blanco Silgranite

04Faucet- Delta Touch- Pilar with Touch2O technology ( hands free operation)

05Flooring- Jelenek Cork Floor- Harmony brown

06Backsplash- Centura- glass slate tile

07Under cabinet lighting - NDR under xenon cabinet lighting

08Pendant lighting - Feiss – The pub collection

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