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Trying to set the mood? Simply turn on a lamp. It’s incredibly easy yet you can create a completely different atmosphere with the flick of a single switch. How’s that for instant transformation? Here’s a quick guide to help you shed some light in your home.

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Not to be solely thought of for nurseries and kids bedrooms, pastel colours can look elegant and sophisticated in your home. With the end of summer here, you can use their pale, pretty tones to make your home feel light and airy all year long.

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When you think of Surrealism, you probably think of Dali’s melting clocks and dream-like images. However, this revolutionary cultural movement has many elements that can be used to influence interior design. The unexpected juxtapositions and the element of surprise seen in Surrealist art can inspire a bold and expressive modern style for your home. 

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Try out a new, refreshing style this summer, with a chic nautical theme. Start with a palette of fresh white and coastal blues and mix with warm woody tones, reminiscent of old beach homes and wooden ships. Bring this fun and friendly aesthetic to life with traditional stripes and sailcloth. And you don’t need to over-do the nautical references with the inclusions of shells and pebbles – features such as baskets, oars, shutters and maps will give you the rustic chic look and capture the liveliness of the sea. A simple and clean look that will bring a breath of fresh air to any home.

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Rustic modern interior design, as you might imagine, refers to the use of vintage or historical elements within a more modern design. It's a style that you often see in the restoration of older homes, as owners update their space for the modern day, whilst keeping it's original charm. What we love about rustic modern is its unrefined and cozy feel - and you don't need to have original wooden beams and floorboards in your home to achieve this beautiful style. Intertwining natural textures from materials such as wood and stone, with a modern colour scheme such as black and whites is a great starting point for creating this look.

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Every couple of decades, elements from the world of design seem to make a comeback, often in a slightly better way. Retro is an eclectic mix of interior styles, from old to new, bringing together bold patterns, fabric and colors, from the wallpaper to the furniture. The great thing about this style of home decor is that it really can be anything you want. Mix and match your favourite quirks from the past, whether that's the psychedelic style of the seventies or the bubbly forms of the 50's. You can also mix contemporary styles with the antique, creating a trendy and unique design for your modern home. 

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