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19 Jan 2015
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Design Made Simple Decorating Stairs


There are a lot of decisions to be made when remodeling a home. It’s important that your home identify you and reflect your personal style and taste. When you enter, it should feel as though you’ve stepped inside a familiar portrayal of your inner self. That takes time, of course, but little by little your home can transform.

When turning your house into a home, don’t forget the mighty staircase and its many design options. The potential in a staircase is unbelievable! Unfortunately, they can start out a bit bland. With the right mindset and a great designer, your stairs aren’t just the catalyst to get you from high to low or low to high. No, with the right motivation, your stairs can become the highlight of your home.

Here are some nifty ideas to turn your trip upstairs into a journey:


Where better to put the endless worlds that books afford you than alongside your stairs? There are numerous ways to incorporate books into your design, including:

-       Utilize the space under your stairs as a book haven. A small nook tucked in a secret place is a reader’s dream.

-       Shelves can be built directly into the walls under the stairs for a simple bookshelf. This idea would also work on the wall adjacent to your stairs, giving anyone going up or down a journey through your favorites. Try colour-blocking the books for added beauty!

-       If you want to get creative, have your remodel professional build the shelves directly into the front of each step for a gorgeous design (again, colour-blocking would work nicely here). A clear sliding door can help limit any dangerous situations and add to the creative aspect of the design.

02Art Gallery

Whether you’re a world-class painter or a kid with big aspirations, your art is worthy of showcase.

-       Line your stairs with your imagination with DIY frames. There are a lot of creative options here, as you can build custom frames, have the frames done professionally, or go frameless.

-       If you have kids growing up in your house and don’t mind a little messy creativity, using chalkboard paint on the wall (or walls) accompanying your stairs can spur masterpieces.

-       There’s nothing like photography to make a statement. Line your stairs with photos you (or someone in your family) has taken. Have each photo printed in different sizes and even set the mood with them.


“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” - Matsuo Basho

Profound quotes can teleport your guests from your stairs to wondrous places. Line the walls around your stairs with daring messages, beautiful phrases and classic verses.

-       Different fonts will give your quotes different looks. Test out different fonts and sizes to see what works best.

-       Accompany quotes with family photos and school pictures for a more personalized look.

-       Having quotes directly on the steps is a great way to inspire guests every step of the way.


There’s nothing that can compare to colourful lighting on a staircase. Plain lights work just as well, especially when designed with mood in mind.

-       Line your steps with coloured lights (even just a small circular lights in the middle of each step would do) for an amazing experience.

-       For big families, having a different family member’s name spelled every couple of steps can delight.

-       Incorporate holiday decorating lights along the rail for an easy alternative.

Of course, the best part of any design element in your home is showing off your personal style and taste. Your stairs are as much a part of personal style as, say, your colour choices. Be sure to put extra care into making every aspect of your remodel work for you!

LindenCraft prides itself on design, ideas, and fresh takes on creativity. Visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Houzz for more design inspiration. Be sure to check out our Remodel Planner to get your next remodel started right!

27 Nov 2014
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Published in Ottawa House Repairs

Your budget is 100% essential and tailored to your needs.


It’s important to be frugal when dealing with most aspects of life. DIY projects are amazing for saving money where you might’ve spent hundreds on something you could’ve gotten done for a lot less. It’s far from a modern craze: people have been getting things done without the help of professionals since the beginning of time (I assume, of course). Why pay someone when you can tie up your hair, pull up your sleeves, and get to work?

26 May 2012
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Published in Ottawa House Repairs

Like most of us, you are probably trying to save money where you can when it comes to renovations and repairs. Painting is one of the most common jobs that people choose to take care of themselves. And yet, an amateur paint job tends to be fairly noticeable and can ruin the overall impression of a room. Solution? Learn to paint like a pro! Here are some too-often ignored tips.

17 Apr 2012
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Published in Ottawa House Repairs

woman-do-it-yourself-tool-beltEverybody has a few nagging issues in their home that they haven't got round to fixing. Maybe it's a clogged sink, holes in the wall, or a toilet that keeps running. While certain home repairs require professionals (hello electrical!) there are lots of things that are more manageable than you think.

31 Oct 2011
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Published in Ottawa House Repairs

{jcomments off}It happens.mold-flooded-basement

Basement floods are, unfortunately, a very common occurrence in Canada. There are an average of 4000 basement floods reported to insurance companies in Canada per year – and those are just the ones that are claimed. The best thing one can do is arm themselves with knowledge.

The process itself generally looks something like this: flood occurs, homeowners contact insurance company, insurance adjustors suggest their own contractors to do repair work, contractors get basement back to where it was before the flood, or something close to it.

18 Oct 2011
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Published in Ottawa House Repairs

Whether you live in a brand new house, a house which is just a few years old, or a century old home, as the temperatures cool down some unwanted fall guests may begin to move inside your house. No...we are not talking about family members or even pets. We are talking about mice. 

The drop in temperature is a signal to mice that it's moving day. The abundant food source as well as warmth and protection from the long cold winter are their motive. Setting up a hidden nest somewhere within your home is their idea of the perfect winter retreat. If they truly enjoy the real estate, they may decide to remain all year round. For mice, a perfect habitat is provided by nesting within the walls, basement, attic, a cupboard, or floor of your house. With both food and water readily available, what more could they want?

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