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09 Mar 2015

What’s worse than having two spectacular choices in a one choice situation?


Of course, there are tons of far worse things, but let’s pretend this is a fairy-tale world. In this world, the only problem is the choice between your favorite brand’s clawfoot tub and a clawfoot made by some other brand. Though they’re both the picture of design, quality, and style, you’re already sold on the familiar brand’s clawfoot. You’ve spent months imagining this clawfoot in your head, detailing it with matching tile and accents. While the other brand whispers in your ear, the familiar one screams from mountains just for you. There’s only one problem:

05 Feb 2015

We’ve got some news for you, Ottawa.

Welcome The Sektion

IKEA has discontinued it’s AKURUM line of cabinetry. As of February 2nd, 2015, Ikea has discontinued the AKURUM line of kitchen cabinetry. Customers will no longer be able to build complete kitchens using the AKURUM system. Building from the success of the AKURUM line of the past 20 years or so, Ikea has developed a new, improved cabinetry system (given the alluring title of SEKTION). It was introduced Feb. 2nd, 2015.

30 Jan 2015

An unspoken goal in bathroom remodeling and design is to keep everyone quiet about the toilet.

Vanity LindenCraft

Yes, the toilet is the star of the show, in practical terms. After all, It is the whole point of a bathroom, the entire reason for its existence. The bathroom is a place of the utmost privacy, and we hardly want to be reminded of what goes on in there. We want our guests to be blown away by the fantastic imagery of our most intimate room, not the toilet and it’s usual function. While toilets can be beautiful and functional, they make for a terrible conversational piece.

07 Jan 2015
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5 Essential Organization Tools

Perk up your home

After the holidays, most of us are struggling to straighten up and get back into a working frame of mind. Who can get anything done with clutter causing undue stress? Saying goodbye to festivities for another year and figuring out where to put everything until next year is a normal part of the holiday season. It’s normal to want to delve into organization techniques that keep our houses full of comfort and sanity after being in relax-mode for so long.

29 Dec 2014
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Holiday Decorating With Autistic Adults

Holiday Decorating With Autistic Roommates

Decorating is literally one of the funnest activities on Earth. That, of course, is not a proven fact, but it should be. It’s a great stress reliever; a testament to your overall style, and (best of all) you get to be in charge. It’s important to think about the other people in your life when you’re decorating, though, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a friend on the spectrum.

08 Dec 2013
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Beat The Winter Blahs!

Perk up your home

Winter is here and we are now spending significantly more time indoors. What can we do to make our home warm, cozy and welcoming, even on a shoe-string budget? The designers at LindenCraft, An Ottawa, Ontario  kitchen & bath design and build renovation and remodel Company have some timely ideas for quick upgrades that will perk up your living space just in time for the cold weather.

4  Easy  Perk Ups That Won't Break the Bank

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