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23 Oct 2015

The One About Mobility

The One About Mobility

The Modern Mobility Bathroom was our most recent foray into accessible design. This is something we have always been passionate about, and we make sure to keep on top of current accessible trends and best practices. We decided to give our readers a deeper look into what makes the Modern Mobility Bathroom an accessible remodel and why we chose accessibility for this design.

30 Jul 2015

What a List: Reasons to Remodel


The project may be the lion, but the list is your whip - Adam Savage

Lists make everything easier. Even grocery shopping becomes a gentle breeze when you have everything planned out and jotted down before you take the trip. Lists also take up a lot of free time, giving you a mental boost when you’re bored out of your skull. Of all the things a list can do, it can get you organized and keep you serious, and that’s what we’re all about at LindenCraft.

08 Jul 2015

Restoration and Upcycling for Decoration

Restoration and Upcycle Blog

Ah! There’s nothing like the smell of a yard sale! Well, maybe once you’ve cleaned and repurposed your finds. Upcycling old furniture, art, tools, and every household items gives you an amazing arsenal to use as decoration! For creative people everywhere old abandoned windows and unhinged doors are like blank canvasses. Thrift stores and yard sales are a DIYer’s best friend. The amount of potential they exert is nothing short of endless.

24 Jun 2015

Creating a Personal Safe Space

Creating a Special Space

Stress often controls and dictates how we navigate the world. It’s a scary fact, especially for people who suffer under the weight of multiple causes of stress and very little relief. While stressful days can be a small nuisance for some, there are many people who deal with highly negative and troubling side effects. Most causes for stress aren’t easily driven away with the snap of a finger, unfortunately, and so small steps must be taken. Keeping a space specifically for cooling down can help negate those negative feelings.

08 May 2015

What makes quality so important in a remodel?

Quality and The Barn Door

That’s simple: quality is what determines the lifespan of your remodel. Your new kitchen, bathroom, or basement cannot survive on creative genius alone (though it would be great if they could). They need materials that are solid, items that are put together sturdily, and potential for longevity. A cheap, terribly applied counter will only last through so many chopped onions before the whole thing collapses.

09 Mar 2015

What’s worse than having two spectacular choices in a one choice situation?


Of course, there are tons of far worse things, but let’s pretend this is a fairy-tale world. In this world, the only problem is the choice between your favorite brand’s clawfoot tub and a clawfoot made by some other brand. Though they’re both the picture of design, quality, and style, you’re already sold on the familiar brand’s clawfoot. You’ve spent months imagining this clawfoot in your head, detailing it with matching tile and accents. While the other brand whispers in your ear, the familiar one screams from mountains just for you. There’s only one problem:

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