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08 Dec 2013
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Beat The Winter Blahs!

Perk up your home

Winter is here and we are now spending significantly more time indoors. What can we do to make our home warm, cozy and welcoming, even on a shoe-string budget? The designers at LindenCraft, An Ottawa, Ontario  kitchen & bath design and build renovation and remodel Company have some timely ideas for quick upgrades that will perk up your living space just in time for the cold weather.

4  Easy  Perk Ups That Won't Break the Bank

29 Jun 2012
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As Canada day approaches, it’s the perfect time to bring family and friends together. And hopefully, most of us will be celebrating outdoors in the sunshine. Whether you’re having an afternoon barbecue, a picnic in the park or an evening soiree, here’s some great ideas for hosting outdoors, so you can create a lasting impression on this special day.

04 Apr 2012
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porch-gardenWith the weather now permitting thoughts of spring gardening, we thought we would share some ideas on balcony and porch gardens. Many of us simply don't have the time or dedication required to maintaining a full-scale backyard flower or perhaps there just isn't much of a backyard to speak of anyway. However, a bit of greenery around the porch or balcony helps connect us to nature and makes the house look nice from the inside and out.

21 Dec 2011
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guests_xmashallThe in-laws are coming! And it doesn't stop there. What about the extended family who have travelled miles to make it to your home for Christmas? We love the holidays, but maybe not the stress they bring. Often other people's expectations, or our own desire to impress can ruin what the holidays are meant to be about. If you are having guests over for the holidays, whether overnight, or simply over for drinks, here are some hostess tips which will delight your guests and allow you to enjoy the season as much as them.

23 Nov 2011
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xmas_house_pillarsI've been going back and forth over the last week or so, wondering whether it was too early to break out the Christmas decorations. I think I'm secretly hoping that if I get them out sooner, Christmas will come sooner too. Well, after viewing a growing number of neighbours' exterior decorations last weekend, I've decided to bring them out. There's nothing like front porch envy to motivate. Of course, if you want your house to be a 10, then you've got to put in the prep work. Check out some tips below on making your house the crowning jewel of the street.

13 Sep 2011
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With summer ending and students heading back to school many homeowners are making preparations for winter.   Outside you may be trimming and cleaning out the flower beds or vegetable gardens.    Perhaps you are busy clearing away patio furniture or staining or painting the shed, garage, or house.  Or you might be raking leaves, cleaning windows or clearing debris from your eaves troughs.  In any case, your outside work is ensuring that you are getting ready for winter.  

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