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29 Apr 2012
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wood-trim-afWe've all seen one. That lonely dresser or side cabinet, just sitting on a neighbour's front lawn, asking to be picked up and lovely refinished by you… These gems in the rough are often worth more than their original owners have bargained, and with a little help can be brought back to life.

31 Dec 2011
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drywall_chinaIn recent years, there have been frightening discoveries about the effects of cheap, or improperly made materials, such as the toxic China drywall and the problems that have been incurring from it. While this product issue is not necessarily a direct concern for residents in and around the Ottawa area, it is a strong reminder that we need to be more aware of what materials are being used in our homes, and our government’s duty to regulate such products.

28 Dec 2011
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floorlaurentianIf you love the look of hardwood flooring but you know that it is not recommended for use in a basement, then an engineered hardwood floor may be your preferred choice. Essentially most engineered hardwood is comprised of layers of plywood or fibreboard, with a wood layer on the surface. The layers of plywood or fibreboard make allowances for expansion and shrinking without causing the top wooden layer to warp or buckle as the humidity levels change.

23 Dec 2011
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floorwicanderThe type of flooring you use for your basement and how well it's laid, will make all the difference in terms of comfort. No matter what choice you make, you also need a good subfloor. DRIcore is a basement subfloor that you can install before choosing your floor coverings. Lindencraft recommends engineered cork, as one of your basement flooring choices. Cork flooring is available as tiles which are glued in place or as floating planks.

This soft, insulating, sound suppressing, flooring is popular in basements as well as kitchens because of its durability. If you tend to do a great deal of standing this is the optimal floor choice as it allows for some give thus making it comfortable for your feet and your back.

14 Dec 2011
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asbestosThis article looks at asbestos, the facts and the controversy. In researching this topic I have learned some “eye opening” facts about Canada's contribution to this hot topic of debate.

Asbestos facts

Asbestos is a mineral with crystals that can become long fibres. It has many unusual and interesting qualities. It does not decay nor does it rust. It strengthens another item with which it is combined and it is only combustible at extremely high temperatures. For all these reasons, it was in high demand when it was popular.

06 Dec 2011
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insulation_uffiUrea formaldehyde foam insulation (UFFI) was used as insulation a number of years ago. There has been much controversy, research and discussion about whether UFFI is harmful. As a health and safety measure, the Canadian government has banned the use of this insulation.

Urea formaldehyde foam

In the 1950's in Europe, urea formaldehyde foam was first introduced as an insulating foam which could be sprayed into difficult locations. Urea formaldehyde resin and air were injected into walls and combined together they developed into urea formaldehyde foam. When it dried, it became a plastic type of foam. In the process of mixing and curing some amount of formaldehyde was released into the air. Although the gas is colourless it can be detected by its very strong smell. The gas become the issue with the use of UFFI.

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