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17 Dec 2014
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Taking Out The Trash

Design Made Simple

There’s one very important piece missing from the photos of most well-designed bathrooms, and you probably never noticed before today. It is something that every bathroom needs, and should have, but that doesn’t exactly scream ‘amazing design’. You’ve probably pinned hundreds of bathrooms that you love, liked thousands of gorgeous vanities on Facebook, without noticing even once. Can you guess what it is?

05 Dec 2013
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Let it be, and wait until the New Year!

Happy New Year 2014

That wonderful yet stressful time is almost upon us to "Deck The Halls" and get your home ready for the holidays. Undertaking what seems like a quick makeover before the holidays just adds more stress to your life. But, planning your post holiday remodel can be a stress reliever as you dream about how wonderful your home could be with a few small renovations that can be done in the early winter months.

Consulting with a design and renovation specialist, such as LindenCraft, in the Ottawa, Ontario area will help you realize how easy these makeovers can be achieved during the winter months

Two areas to consider for makeover are ceilings and flooring.

08 Oct 2013
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Are You Ready?

Is your home readyNo one likes to think about it, but it is happening to all of us. We are getting older; slowly, but surely. And as we age our needs change. We may need less space, we may prefer not to have stairs in our houses or we may have mobility issues that require special adaptations to rooms like the bathroom, kitchen and front entry. It may not be affecting your life now, but what about in the near future? It may not even be your disabilities that are of concern. What about aging relatives, like parents, that visit frequently? It is important to look at your home now to be ready for the future. It may be something to consider if you are planning a renovation soon.

9 Things to consider and What to look for!

26 Dec 2012
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lindencraft design trends 2013Ottawa Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends for 2013


Following on the heels of the release by Neil Kelly of of their top ten design trends in the United States for 2013. LindenCraft, an Ottawa, Canada based, Kitchen, Bath and Finished Basement design and renovation company reveals their 2013 top ten design trends for Ottawa, Canada.

We believe that the Canadian market is so diverse that a trend in one area, like Ottawa, Canada, may not be the same trend in other areas. But, a good use of design and space is universal for a good kitchen, bath or basement renovation.

The top 10 great trends we are seeing in the Ottawa area for 2013 are:

01 The emergence of quartz counters made in North America by North Americans. LindenCraft recommends the quartz counters from Cambria who have come up with a 102 colour selections that are as pleasing to the eye as they are durable.

11 Oct 2012
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Whether you want a quick update or a complete change, colour can be used to set a mood or atmosphere in a room.

Your colour preferences are personal and can say a great deal about your style, for example, rich deep hues are serious; upbeat combinations are welcoming and youthful colours are cheerful. The right paint colours and accent pieces, such as cushions, draperies and flooring, can make a room feel warm and cozy, bright and airy, sophisticated, or inviting. Your colour choices should not only reflect colours you like, but also say something about who you are. Here are some practical hints to help you find just the right colour schemes for any room in your house.

17 Aug 2012
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Published in Ottawa Room Ideas

Every window is a blank canvas, with the potential to transform a room. Window dressing is a simple way to really make a room stand out. And of course they have practical purposes too. As well as blocking out excess light, sound and drafts from outdoors, draperies and shades can also hide old windows that look weathered. A window treatment can really make an impact in a room, and a beautiful difference to your home. Here are a few different styles to get you inspired.

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