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13 Apr 2013
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Published in Ottawa Bathrooms

What are the Best Choices for Ottawa Bathroom Flooring?

There are countless types of flooring on the market these days, making it hard for the homeowner to make an informed choice. Your Ottawa area bathroom renovation contractor, LindenCraft, can help you with the decision, outlining what will work best in your home.

Here are the pros and cons to the most popular, as well as some of the new, unexpected options for your bathroom to give you some food for thought.

01 Vinyl Flooring

sheet vinyl flooring lindencraftMany people choose vinyl for their bathroom due to cost. Vinyl is by far the cheapest option and offers the benefits of easy care, a wide choice of colours and patterns and it is warm to the feet. Vinyl, however, is not the most durable option and the textured floorings can trap and hold dirt and mildew.

02 Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

small tiles flooring lindencraftPorcelain and ceramic tiles are by far the most practical and durable choice for all bathrooms according to Ottawa bathroom renovation contractor LindenCraft. They come in a dizzying variety of colours, patterns and styles, so there is a tile to suit every taste and budget. Both are easy to keep clean and maintenance is minimal. Porcelain is more durable than ceramic and often has the colour throughout the tile so any chipping that may occur is not as obvious. The main drawback to these tiles is the feel. They are certainly colder than vinyl floors. This is easy to remedy, though, using in-floor radiant heat. LindenCraft can install the system under the tiles, this gives the floor that spa feel that is wonderful on those chilly mornings.

24 Aug 2012
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Published in Ottawa Bathrooms

Excluding the kitchen, your bathroom is probably the hardest-working room in your home. With the daily traffic and the dampness caused by hot water, it doesn't take much for the bathroom to start looking a little shabby. So we've put together some easy tips to make your bathroom look and feel brand new – and you can do it all in a weekend.

01 Aug 2012
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Published in Ottawa Bathrooms

You may not think it at the moment, but your bathroom is an ideal setting to bring balance and serenity into your busy life. Just like a spa, you can add a calm, soothing feel to the room by choosing the right colors, décor and accessories. With just a few tips, you can change the mood of your bathroom to a peaceful space where you can unwind and revitalise.

07 Mar 2012
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Published in Ottawa Bathrooms

pedestal_sink_modernWhat's stylish, practical in small spaces, and not just another passing trend? It's the answer to small bathrooms everywhere: the pedestal sink. Most of us have a bathroom (aka tiny closet with plumping) that is a bit shorter on space than we would ideally prefer. Which is why, finding elegant solutions that work in small spaces is something bathroom designers are always striving for.

26 Jan 2012
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Published in Ottawa Bathrooms

abigail_ahern_bathroomThinking of kicking off 2012 with a new bathroom? I tend to think that if your bathroom looks and feels good, you will feel good. It is, after all, the room which you start each day in. We've put together some of the top bathroom trends to help you give your bathroom a fresh kickstart.

27 Dec 2011
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Published in Ottawa Bathrooms

bathtub_beautifulSome people claim not to use it that much, but the bathtub could just about be the most luxurious place in your home. On a cold winter evening, after a day skiing - or an afternoon shoveling – what better way to let your muscles recover than with a good long, steamy soak?

For the people whose bathtub is reduced to functioning solely as a shower floor, a bathtub repair or update may be the thing to restore an appreciation for bath time.

Refinish, Line, or Replace?

Sprucing up your bathing area can be as minimal as filling in a few cracks, or as extensive as a complete bathroom remodel. But if your tub is looking truly washed out, you've got a few other options - replacing the tub completely, installing a liner or simply refinishing.

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