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Most people's kitchen design wish list runs something like:

Contemporary design

Ingenious storage solutions

Efficient work spaces

Stylish detailing

And much more.

And because we've got such big dreams for our kitchen, we often think that a remodel is out of our grasp, so the kitchen renovation project gets shelved for another few years until we've dealt with the back porch, or paid off the car. What many people don't realize though is that fulfilling their kitchen wish list doesn't have to mean remortgaging the house. Welcome to the world of Ikea kitchens. They're not what you think. In fact, you've probably admired many friends' or acquaintances' kitchens without even realizing they were Ikea kitchens. So if $20,000-$40,000 sounds better than +$60,000, it's an option worth considering.

Is That Ikea???

One of the main reasons you often wouldn't immediately recognize an Ikea kitchen, is that there isn't just one look. Unlike most other cabinet manufacturers, you can choose from a range of cabinet materials and styles. From solid wood shaker doors, to high gloss ultra modern cabinets, each style is distinct. Ikea kitchens are also flexible enough for just about every layout design.

You can stack wall cabinets to the ceiling, squeeze in extra broom closets, and place extra shelving where you wish. Painting wood cabinets, like in the photo, will also add distinction. Once you've got the cabinet doors chosen, it's time to move on to selecting your countertops, cabinet hardware, sink and other appliances. This is where you really have the opportunity to create distinction or even just add a little prestige with a luxury product.

While Ikea offers all of these kitchen necessities, part of the design fun is mixing in products that weren't necessarily made by the same manufacturer. You may be interested in checking out a marble specialist for example, or indulging in designer drawer pulls. It's all about blending the high and low so that you can get the best of both worlds.

Practical benefits

There are a few practical benefits when it comes to building an Ikea kitchen. For one, you are dealing with a local company with a slew of customer support people. If there's something you need to double check, or you want to go pick something up in person, it's a short drive away as opposed to waiting weeks for the product to be shipped. When it comes to quality, you can relax. While we've all had our frustrations with assembling Ikea side tables, dressers etc., Ikea kitchens rank very high when it comes to durability in our experience and in the experience of most of the carpenters we've dealt with. Check out some pictures of beautiful Ikea kitchens below, and be surprised!

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