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10 Nov 2011

The Glass Backsplash

Written by  A. Benoit

While glass tiles have been around for a while, solid piece glass backsplashes are making a big entrance these days. The finished look of glass is stunning, especially if you can get away with one solid piece for each wall. Glass has unique benefits, such as not having to worry about the grime and dirt that gets stuck in tile grout and it is a relatively "green" material. Glass backsplashes offer an ultra clean, streamlined look. Since cabinets tend to visually chop up a kitchen, a long horizontal stretch of glass does a lot to achieve a clutter-free look.

Getting the right glassbacksplash_glass2

Glass backsplashes are usually 6mm thick and tempered (or "toughened") for extra strength. This is particularly important in the area behind the stove where it is exposed to heat and will be knocked. Since glass kitchen backsplashes are a relatively new product for many Ottawa glass suppliers, you might find there is a lot of variance with regard to capability. Most local glass suppliers we have spoken to will do a maximum length of about 9 feet per panel, although you can find suppliers further afield that will do up to 5 metres. If you need to go with multiple panels, have them cut so that the join is in line with the cabinets or appliances. The glass supplier will also need to know how many electrical outlets you intend to have so they can have these precut into the glass.

Glass on a budgetbacksplash_glass3

There are tons of options when it comes to the look of your glass backsplash. Certain styles can drive the price up as well. One of the least expensive options is to use clear glass panels without any cutouts for electrical. If you have a smooth wall, painted in a colour you like, this option can work well. Another option is to just incorporate a single panel to fit behind your stovetop.

Texture options

Besides clear glass, "satin" glass offers a frosted look that is only semi-transparent. Satin glass backsplashes create a soft look and can also hide slight imperfections on the wall behind. If you are choosing between satin and back-painting, a satin texture will usually be less expensive. Besides the satin look, there are lots of other texture options to explore. Just keep in mind that uneven surfaces can be harder to clean and will not offer that glossy, seamless look.

Pick a colourbacksplash_glass4

Here is where you can create some real drama in your kitchen! Colour is one of the main benefits of a glass backsplash – you can literally choose whatever colour you like. Simply bring a colour swatch to your glass supplier and they will match that colour and apply a special back-paint to the glass. With back-painted glass you don't have to worry about the appearance of the wall behind it. Sometimes the glass supplier will offer a palette of pre-set colours, which can be a slightly less expensive option than a custom colour.

Low iron glass

One of the more premium types of glass on the market is the low-iron glass (eg. Starphire glass.) Low-iron glass is more expensive and a lot of Ottawa glass retailers will advise against it for this reason alone, however it does offer some advantages. Low-iron glass is clearer than regular glass (which has a slight greenish hue) and it has more brilliance.

For more information on your options and glass suppliers in the Ottawa area, feel free to get in touch with us at LindenCraft. Or check out our guide to choosing a backsplash.

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