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08 Dec 2013
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Beat The Winter Blahs!

Perk up your home

Winter is here and we are now spending significantly more time indoors. What can we do to make our home warm, cozy and welcoming, even on a shoe-string budget? The designers at LindenCraft, An Ottawa, Ontario  kitchen & bath design and build renovation and remodel Company have some timely ideas for quick upgrades that will perk up your living space just in time for the cold weather.

4  Easy  Perk Ups That Won't Break the Bank

05 Dec 2013
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Let it be, and wait until the New Year!

Happy New Year 2014

That wonderful yet stressful time is almost upon us to "Deck The Halls" and get your home ready for the holidays. Undertaking what seems like a quick makeover before the holidays just adds more stress to your life. But, planning your post holiday remodel can be a stress reliever as you dream about how wonderful your home could be with a few small renovations that can be done in the early winter months.

Consulting with a design and renovation specialist, such as LindenCraft, in the Ottawa, Ontario area will help you realize how easy these makeovers can be achieved during the winter months

Two areas to consider for makeover are ceilings and flooring.

04 Nov 2013
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What should I do?

Winter checklist Lindencraft

One of the most frequently asked questions is: "What should I do to get my house ready for winter?" In our cold climate it is important to do those few chores that will keep you cozy all winter; and it is best to get them done before the snow flies. LindenCraft, your Ottawa, Ontario kitchen, bathroom and basement design and renovation specialist, has made a list to help you get ready for winter.

4 Essential Outdoor Chores

22 Oct 2013
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Finding reliable designers and contractors

Searching for reliable designer

LindenCraft, an Ottawa Ontario based design and remodel contractor that specializes in kitchen, bathrooms and finished basements, has come up with twelve secrets to finding and choosing a reliable remodel contractor.

12 Secrets Revealed

08 Oct 2013
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Are You Ready?

Is your home readyNo one likes to think about it, but it is happening to all of us. We are getting older; slowly, but surely. And as we age our needs change. We may need less space, we may prefer not to have stairs in our houses or we may have mobility issues that require special adaptations to rooms like the bathroom, kitchen and front entry. It may not be affecting your life now, but what about in the near future? It may not even be your disabilities that are of concern. What about aging relatives, like parents, that visit frequently? It is important to look at your home now to be ready for the future. It may be something to consider if you are planning a renovation soon.

9 Things to consider and What to look for!

06 Jun 2013
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Kitchen Islands of Ottawa by LindenCraft

LindenCraft Kitchen Island 1 Did you ever want your own private island, where everything is there to make you happy? Of course we are talking about kitchen islands. Kitchen counter space is always at a premium. Whether you are using it to prepare meals, do homework, roll out pastry or as a convenient place to store canisters, there never seems to be enough room. One great solution that Ottawa home owners are embracing is the kitchen island. Islands can add precious work space as well as an eating area, storage and an entertaining space. An island can open up your kitchen and make it both more functional and more visually appealing. But, before you decide to tear down walls and install an island in your kitchen, there are a few things you should consider.

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